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Since 1958 we have been building cars destined to win on the track.

Lola Cars has cultivated a brand synonymous with engineering excellence, iconic design and racing success. Today we’re pleased to announce that Lola is once again open for business and actively looking for projects that can help the next generation of racing legends triumph.

Lola is back

Our vision

Lola is one of the world’s iconic motorsport brands, and probably the most successful manufacturer of customer race-cars of all-time.

Our vision is to build on Lola’s deep technological and engineering heritage to service the next generation of winning motorsports teams and develop new cutting edge technologies for the wider automotive industry and beyond. We are actively seeking new projects where we can provide technical innovation, engineering, testing and manufacturing services to customers requiring the best in performance engineering.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next Lola developed race car.

The Lola

since 1958
Our capabilities encompass over 30 years of wind tunnel operation, chassis and engine R&D.

We have one of the only available advanced R&D facilities on the market. The Lola wind tunnel has an enviable track record in providing excellent aerodynamic and mechanical results across the automotive, truck, motorsport and aerospace industries.


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